Can You Overdose on CBD Gummies?

Can You Overdose on CBD Gummies?

You must have seen those fruity CBD sleep gummies in exciting colors and flavors that take you back to your childhood memories. These CBD gummies are just the right fit for most people as they taste good as well as bring you all the curative effects of CBD. So, in short, you get the best of both worlds.

At times it’s hard to hold yourself back from digging into the whole bag of CBD gummies as they are highly tempting. You may find it hard to stick to your fixed CBD doses, which may end up in an overdose of CBD.

Can you overdose on CBD gummies? There’s no hard and fast rule for dosing CBD, but users are generally too concerned about this question.

Can you take too much CBD? Even before we dig into this, we must figure out how much CBD is too much. Let us find out.

How Much CBD is Too Much CBD?

If you’re looking for a safer way to keep up with the CBD regimen, make sure to consume the smallest effective dose. According to the experts, research hasn’t yet figured out exactly how much CBD is too much; thus, there are no clear boundaries.

The normal dosage ranges widely between 1mg to 1500mg daily, and no dose has been clearly prescribed as hazardous for human health.

CBD may interfere with how it intervenes with daily routines, so you should always seek medical aid if you notice some disruptive behaviors. Hence, the experts use the art of dosing CBD to discover the body’s needs based on how it responds to different dosages.

Begin with the smaller amount and start trying out different doses for your condition. CBD doses aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; thus, it’s merely a hit-and-trial method.

Side Effects of Overdosing on CBD

Well, CBD is generally a well-tolerated substance for humans as well as pets. Analyzing the level of efficacy of CBD, Some studies reveal that CBD doesn’t cause any severe side effects even if used repeatedly used in the form of several 1500mg doses.

Most people have a fixed dosage of 50mg or so, which makes it nearly impossible for each user to determine what dosage will fall under the category of overdosing on CBD gummies.

However, extreme doses are found to have the following effects on the users:

●Drying up of the mouth
●Appetite changes

Drying up of the mouth is a common effect of all the cannabinoids as they can interact with the mouth’s salivary glands. This is why overdosing on CBD gummies can cause drying up of the mouth.

Overdose of CBD gummies might also lead to a drop in your blood pressure, making you dizzy.

Tips on How to Find Your Ideal Dosage

CBD gummy’s appealing flavors and familiar form can sometimes lead to accidental overconsumption. To avoid overdosing on CBD gummy product, begin with the lowest recommended dosage. Learn the amount of CBD contained in each gummy.

Unlike sublingual CBD products, gummies must pass through the digestive system, meaning it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the CBD to enter your bloodstream and manifest its effects.

This delay often tempts users to consume more gummies if they don’t feel immediate results. To avoid this, assess how you feel after a certain period before deciding whether to take an additional dose. Keeping a log of your consumption can be helpful in finding the right balance for your needs.

Final Thoughts

As you head to buy CBD products, make sure to understand what kind of products will work the best for you. If you’re up for buying fruity CBD gummies, make sure to make a strict CBD regimen and follow it to avoid overdosing.

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