How Do Fleets Refuel?

How Do Fleets Refuel?

Fleet management involves efficient refueling to make sure your fleet consistently has enough fuel at the best price possible. Innovative fueling solutions can make it easier and cheaper to refuel, saving your company time and money.

These solutions also allow you to track inventory and costs, which helps managers identify areas for improvement.

Optimize operational costs and maintain productivity by utilizing fleet fueling solutions such as fleet cards, on-site bulk fuel, and mobile fueling.

Fleet Cards

Fleet cards, also known as fuel cards, can help efficiently manage and streamline the refueling process for fleets. Fleet managers provide fleet cards as a dedicated payment method for fuel expenses.

The cards allow them to authorize certain fueling stations, set specific time usage hours, and set specific spend usage amounts.

These cards simplify transactions and provide comprehensive reporting so managers can enforce spending controls and monitor consumption patterns and fuel costs.

While using a fleet card may lead to more expensive fuel costs at the pump, you will not have to buy, rent, or maintain storage tanks on your property.

Commercial Cardlocks

Commercial cardlock fueling stations are self-service truck stops that don’t usually have employees. Fleet cards can grant access to multiple cardlock stations located strategically along the fleet’s routes.

Cardlocks are built for commercial vehicles and offer competitive pricing, making them a convenient, cost-effective, and secure refueling option. 

On-site Bulk Fueling

On-site bulk fueling solutions involve installing dedicated fueling infrastructure on the property so fleets can access secure and convenient refueling stations. These fueling stations can carry a variety of products, including fuels, diesel exhaust fluid, and lubricants.

They can utilize tank monitors to help you manage your inventory easily and prevent your tank from reaching significantly low levels of product.

This method eliminates the need for frequent trips to external fueling stations, which can reduce operational downtime. It also allows you to take advantage of possible bulk purchasing discounts.

Mobile Fueling

Mobile fueling programs involve partnering with a service that fuels your vehicles on-site. Fleet managers can schedule fuel deliveries at any time, even overnight, so drivers can show up and immediately start driving.

This can reduce downtime by eliminating the need for drivers to travel to additional fueling stations. Mobile fueling also gives you greater control over your inventory by providing detailed reporting on fuel usage and expenses.

Benefits of Fleet Fueling

The type of fueling solution you use depends on the location of your operations, the vehicles and their fuel requirements, and the size of your fleet. Each fueling solution has multiple benefits, including:

Reduce Fraud

Without tracking and limiting fuel spending, items like food and drinks can be purchased at gas stations and reported as fuel. Drivers may miscalculate the miles per gallon on their vehicles or fail to turn in their receipts.

By utilizing fleet cards or allowing drivers to fuel at cardlocks, you can prevent fraud and reduce human reporting errors.

Save Mileage

Fleet fueling solutions reduce the distances vehicles need to travel for refueling. Mobile fueling delivers fuel right to your fleet, and on-site bulk fuel allows drivers to stay on their route and refuel at the job site.

These solutions can also contribute to reduced vehicle wear and tear and increase the fleet’s overall mileage efficiency.

Save Time

Fueling solutions reduce the amount of time drivers need to spend refueling. Time spent finding a place to refuel, driving to it, and standing at the pump can add up. Utilizing fueling solutions can save time, which increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness for transportation operations.

Save Time Using Fleet Fueling Solutions

An effective fleet fueling solution can increase operation efficiency by reducing the time it takes for drivers to refuel. Some options, such as on-site bulk fueling, may reduce the price of fuel by allowing you to take advantage of bulk pricing.

Utilizing fleet refueling solutions enables managers to track fuel costs, manage budgets, and identify areas for improvement. Utilize one of these fleet refueling options to improve your fleet’s planning and time management.

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