Is Whole House Water Filtration Worth the Investment?

Home water filtration can help remove chlorine and dissolved metals that cause water to taste salty or metallic. A filter may also improve the taste and appearance of your home’s water. The ability of home water filters to make water safe for consumption makes them valuable investments. Here is more information on the reasons to purchase a whole house water filtration system:

Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Filtered water lacks minerals and chemicals that could mix with your skin’s natural oils and clog the pores. Prevention of skin pore clogging can help protect you and your family members from problems like acne and blackheads. Whole house water filtration also protects the skin’s collagen and moisture barrier from hard water damage. This may prevent fast skin aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. Eliminating hard minerals in your home’s water can reduce the risks of skin dryness and itching.

Washing your hair with chlorine-free and chemical-free water can protect it from fading and becoming dull. A home filtration system may prevent hard water film from covering and damaging your hair cuticles. Preventing hair follicles from clogging allows them to effectively absorb natural moisturizers and maintain smoothness. Washing your hair with filtered water can maintain its structure by preventing frizzing and tangles.

Protects Plumbing Systems

Home water filtration can help stop hard water mineral deposits from building up inside your water pipes and faucets. The absence of mineral deposits in these plumbing fixtures maintains a proper water flow rate. Installing a whole house water filter may protect your water pipes from corrosion and prevent future leaks. The filters can remove sand or silt sediments that could clog your faucet aerators and showerheads. Filtered water may also protect appliances like washing machines and water tanks from hard water mineral damage.

Protects Clothing

Eliminating chlorine from your home’s water can help protect your clothes from fading. Eradicating hard water residues on your clothes can prevent them from becoming rigid and rough. Your clothes’ quality could also last longer since chlorine-free water doesn’t interfere with the fabrics. Whole house water filters help keep clothes free from stains caused by hard water impurities. Soft water lathers quickly with soap and may enable more efficient clothes washing. Home water filtration may even reduce your laundry costs since filtered water requires less detergent use. 

Lowers Risks of Diseases

Heavy metals in water have been linked to increased risk of getting certain diseases. Removal of heavy metals in your home’s water can lower the risks of cancer, kidney stones, or gastrointestinal problems. Water filtration systems reduce cancer risks by eliminating industrial pollutants and other chemicals that are considered carcinogenic. Whole house water filters reduce kidney stones’ threat by removing calcium and magnesium minerals dissolved in water. The filters can help prevent gastrointestinal problems by eliminating bacteria, pathogens, or parasites.

The home water filtration process includes pre-filter and activated carbon stage. Large debris gets filtered out during the pre-filtration stage. The carbon-activated stage helps soften the water by removing chemicals and mineral deposits. This stage can help prevent mold from growing in your plumbing connections.

Your filtration needs can determine the type of a whole house water filter you invest in. If you need to remove solid matter from your home’s water, consider media filters. A carbon filter can help if the water has chlorine contaminants, while reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filters may eliminate pathogens and mineral deposits.

Invest in Whole House Water Filtration

Whole house water filtration can help make your home’s water better by eliminating minerals, bacteria, and chloride contaminants. Filtered water reduces the risks of health problems and extends a plumbing connection’s lifespan. Purchase a home water filter today for clean and safe water in your home. 

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