Les Lalanne's Surrealistic Sculptures

Les Lalanne’s Surrealistic Sculptures

The French artist duo known as Les Lalanne is made up of François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne. They created Surrealistic sculptures that often blended art and functionality.

Their talent and creativity transformed natural creatures and objects into imaginative pieces. Here are some of the duo’s most notable Surrealist sculptures:

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Mouton de Pierre

Mouton de Pierre translates to “stone sheep” in English. François-Xavier Lalanne made these sheep sculptures out of epoxy stone and covered them in a thick layer of wool. The sheep’s smooth, inviting surface makes it a natural place to sit or lounge.

The use of real wool adds an element of texture and warmth, enhancing the visual and sensory experience. François-Xavier arranged the sheep in groups to serve as decorative elements with a touch of humor.

He also created some sheep sculptures in life-size proportions, emphasizing their realistic and immersive presence. The scale of these sculptures allows viewers to engage with them more intimately.


The Crocoseat is a life-size chair shaped like a giant crocus flower, with its petals forming the seat and backrest. Claude Lalanne used patinated aluminum to craft the Crocoseat, offering it a sense of airiness and lightness.

To create a seamless and flowing form, this member of Les Lalanne hand-crafted the petals and attached them to the frame. The metallic surface captures the light, creating subtle reflections accentuating the flower’s beauty.

With its sturdy construction, the Crocoseat is a functional chair, inviting viewers to interact with the artwork physically. The detailed texture of the petals brings a realistic touch to the whimsical chair.

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche

Nouvelle Pomme Bouche is a bronze apple with a human mouth that Claude Lalanne crafted to delight viewers and spark their imagination. The bronze gleams in the light, adding a touch of warmth to the sculpture.

The asymmetrical mouth adds a touch of quirkiness and depth to the piece. Claude’s Nouvelle Pomme Bouche belongs to her larger series of Surrealist fruit and vegetable sculptures.

Some collectors display these pieces on tables as functional decorative objects, while others mount them on walls for a more formal presentation.

Oiseaux de Marbre

François-Xavier sculpted the Oiseaux de Marbre, an oversized bird-shaped chair made of marble and iron. The French artist shaped the bird’s smooth wings, beak, tail, and legs. The use of pure white Carrara marble introduces sophistication and luxury to the piece.

Using a recognizable bird form for this chair blurred the line between furniture and sculpture. The sturdy marble construction and reclined seat position make the chair durable and comfortable. When not in use, art collectors can display the chair as a standalone sculpture, enhancing the artistic value of their space.

Singe Allumé

Singe Allumé is a bronze table lamp created by François-Xavier. The lamp is a stylized representation of a monkey holding a glass lampshade above its head. Les Lalanne used patinated bronze to make the monkey and rim of the lampshade.

The lamp is a functional art piece, providing a light source and adding aesthetic appeal to any space. In François-Xavier’s later version of Singe Allumé, he replaced the bronze with pewter, creating a distinct, modern aesthetic.

Pewter’s softer, warmer tone adds a touch of rustic charm and a more muted light reflection compared to the bronze’s sharper gleam.

Explore Les Lalanne Sculptures

François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne created various sculptures, including Singe Allumé, Oiseaux de Marbre, Nouvelle Pomme Bouche, Crocoseat, and Mouton de Pierre. These sculptures have functional and visual characteristics that align with the Surrealist art of their time.

Explore the collection of Les Lalanne’s works at a commercial gallery to discover and interact with the whimsical and Surrealistic sculptures.

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