What Is the Best Bulk Towels for Short-Term Rentals?

What Is the Best Bulk Towels for Short-Term Rentals?

When selecting bulk towels for short-term rentals, prioritize durability, affordability, and easy maintenance. Buying from reputable suppliers can help you find quality towels at a reasonable rate. Here are some of the best wholesale towels for short-term rentals:

Ring-Spun Cotton Towels

During the ring-spinning process, manufacturers help twist the cotton fibers tightly to create yarns, which can result in strong and resilient material. This tight twisting enhances the strength of the fabric and contributes to its softness and smooth texture. The smooth texture provides a luxurious and comfortable experience for guests in your rental property.

Ring-spun cotton towels may dry more quickly than towels made from other types of cotton. The tightly woven fabric allows air to circulate more freely, speeding up the drying process and reducing the risk of mildew and musty odors. When ordering bulk towels, you can choose classic white towels for a clean look or bold colors to add personality to your rental.

Microfiber Towels

These towels may be lightweight compared to other traditional cotton towels, making them easy to handle and transport. This feature is beneficial for short-term rentals, where towels must be frequently laundered between guests. Microfiber towels can resist wrinkles and stains, making them easy to maintain and keep a fresh appearance.

These towels are suitable for cleaning surfaces, polishing glass and mirrors, and dusting furniture. With this flexibility, short-term rental properties can stock fewer types of towels, reducing storage space and simplifying inventory management. The smooth texture of microfiber fibers is gentle on the skin and less likely to irritate, making it suitable for guests with sensitive skin.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

The long fibers of this type of material can produce a luxurious aesthetic. Various types of cotton towels are known to be highly absorbent due to the long fibers that can draw moisture away from the body. When selecting Egyptian cotton towels for your short-term rental, review the higher grams per square meter (GSM) to enhance their quality.

The higher the GSM count is, the thicker the material becomes. It’s also softer and more absorbent. The long staple fibers of cotton also contribute to the durability of these towels. They are less prone to pilling, tearing, or fraying, allowing them to maintain their quality and appearance after multiple washes.

Poly-Cotton Blend Towels

The blend may consist of higher percentages of cotton and lower percentages of polyester. Poly-cotton blend towels are more budget-friendly than pure cotton or other luxury materials. You can buy bulk hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels to save costs and have a sufficient supply for guests. Polyester fibers produce less lint, reducing shedding and accumulation on surfaces and clothing. Poly-cotton blend towels are a practical choice for guests who prefer a lint-free drying experience.

Buy Quality Bulk Towels

When purchasing in bulk, order a small quantity to determine if the towels meet your expectations in terms of quality and durability. You can choose towels in various colors and sizes to meet your guests’ needs. Buy quality bulk towels from trusted suppliers.

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